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Things to watch for in the Videos

    • There are no hidden keyboard entry’s during these clips, except the data entry that you see updating on screen.
    • All calculations are being done within the edit window as data is entered.
    • Most calculations are based on Manufacturers specifications and your [STATE] rules, there are times however when these can be overridden, possibly requiring waivers or variances.
    • Note the automatic movement between model and paper-space views.
    • There can be many paper-space tabs allowing multiple designs to be done on one plan, this is convenient for subdivisions, all disposal systems and wells can be displayed on the model view at the same time.

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Training consultants for BricsCad if you are new to the CAD environment, I would strongly recommend the “Mastering the Basics I” course.

Offering multiple course level options, located in New Jersey.

All training is done online, broken up into 4-2hr sessions, for an 8hr course. (doesn’t overload the user that way)

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