Installing SA

Step 1– (Install CAD)

  • Install any version of BricsCAD ( 64-bit Version) and make sure it is operating smoothly, make sure you can start-up and close BricsCAD with no issues.

Step 2– (Make the BricsCad folder writeable)

  • Browse to the folder containing BricsCad (“Program Files” for 64 bit version), open the “Bricsys” folder, then right click on the BricsCad Version you are running. A new Dialog will popup, select the “Properties” at the bottom, another new Dialog will popup. Click on the “Read Only” toggle box (to UN-highlight it), then select the “APPLY” button. Next select the “Security” Tab, in the middle of the dialog select the “Edit” button, now select each user and allow full control. Once each USER has been granted full control select the “APPLY” button at the bottom of the dialog. Finally select the “OK” buttons to finish up. Once completed you will need to re-start your computer take have changes take affect.

Step 3– (Download Septic Assistant)

    • Download the All-In-One Edition of Septic Assistant from the Download Page of this website, by selecting the Septic Assistant option. Depending on your Internet Speed this could take a minute or so, please be patient.

Step 4- (Download support Programs)

      • To utilize the GeoData function (LIDAR Data) in SA you will also need the download and install the NOAA (GeoData Transformation) program from the downloads page, and you will need to have JAVA installed on your computer for that function to run.

Step 5– (Install Septic Assistant)

      • Double click on the “Septic Assistant.msi” file in the “DOWNLOADS” folder on your computer, to install files in proper folders. (the “UNKNOWN PUBLISHER” warning will appear, select the “RUN ANY WAY” option).

Step 6– (Initialize Septic Assistant)

      • There will now be a “Septic Assistant” (SA) ICON on your home screen, DO NOT start SA until you have made sure the folder is “Writable” and has the security settings updated. Follow the procedure in Step 2 above, except for the “C/program files/septic assistant” folder.
      • To “Run As Administrator”
      • Right click on the “Septic Assistant” (SA) ICON.
      • Select the “Properties” item from the pop-up (at the bottom).
      • Select the “Compatibility” TAB (at the top).
      • Make sure the “Run As Administrator” toggle is checked at bottom of pop-up. Septic Assistant writes temporary files as it is working then deletes them once completed to the %temp% folder, to ensure all goes smoothly the “Run as Administrator” option is required.

Step 7– (Install Designer File)

      • When Septic Assistant is initially downloaded there is a “Generic” Designer File included. This file has generic information for the Designer Details, once notified we will email the custom one with your info in it. This file needs to be placed in the “C:\Program Files\Septic Assistant\[Your State]\[…]Forms\” folder. You will not be able to read this file as it is encrypted, the CAD program can read it as it is needed.

Step 8– (Purchase and Activate Septic Assistant)

      • Once Septic Assistant has been purchased, either on the BricsCAD Web Site or here, an activation code needs to be entered to run.
      • The SA license runs in conjunction with your BricsCad license, we need the BricsCad license number to issue the SA license number. If your BricsCad license expires so does the SA license.

Common Issues;

      • Windows User Account Control (UAC) set to high, not allowing Septic Assistant to write to files as required, either lower the setting or run as administrator each time.
      • Septic Assistant not installing because it could not locate an acceptable CAD program or version;
      • CAD program must be installed first, warning will pop-up during installation.
      • CAD program folder must not be in read-only mode. (see Step 2 above)
      • Designer file not named properly in the “C:\Program Files\Septic Assistant\[Your State]\[…]Forms\” folder, Windows has a habit of doing that. The file name needs to be “DESIGNER.DAT” without underscores or spaces and only one “DAT”.
      • Once Septic Assistant is activated, it is tethered to your BricsCad license, it can be installed on two computers (as long as both use the same BricsCad license). You can unload a BricsCad license from an active computer, and install on a new machine without assistance, just use the “License Manager” in the HELP menu to do so. (you will need internet access to do this)
      • SA not recognizing the Firefox browser as default or finding it on your computer.  Due to Firefox’s new single step installation method, it is not possible for SA to find its location.  To work around this issue, install Firefox utilizing this link instead (this is the method previously used).
        • You can now use the following steps;
          • Select the “Custom” install method
          • Specify  “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox” as the program location.