Septic Assistant

Septic Assistant- Septic System Design

Septic Assistant is an affordable CAD solution partnership that helps to complete any kind of residential septic system design that are capable of meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements. It has enough built-in flexibility that can project the image any designer wishes to achieve. It can easily allow endless design flexibility for every designer, be it a first-time CAD user or a seasoned one.

Septic Assistant can help you produce any kind of septic site plan-based septic system design drawings or application or permit including Wetlands/Zoning permit applications. It has the capability of LIDAR. It is built into the Septic Assistant and helps it to create any type of septic site plan that the designer wishes to produce.

What is Septic Assistant?

Septic Assistant is a user-friendly program that is designed to help a CAD user to create septic system designs, no matter how much their experience is. So, even if you do not have any prior experience of working with CAD, you can use it. And, if you are someone who is already accustomed with CAD, you can definitely use it as an affordable and all-encompassing CAD solution.

    1. SA is a third-party Design Assistance Utility program that is specially created to assist in the creation of Site and Septic Plans.
    2. It is a requirement that the user has BricsCAD on their computer in order to utilize it as the CAD engine.
    3. System sizing depends on the user input of Soil Class and Soil Percolation, both individually and as a whole. All you need to do is checking for the system requirements.
    4. Now as the user chooses System type, the program takes the user on a tour through the system configuration and generation process.
    5. The Septic Assistant can handle and complete all the drafting functions with the user having to perform minimal input. The user is not required to have any prior experience of CAD.
    6. The system is capable of producing the entire design site plans automatically from the Field note data entry and create final PDF or Plot.
    7. All the design-related data gets stored on the plan file. This enables the user to edit the septic system designs in future without having to enter the entire data all over again.
    8. All the functions that are required to produce the Septic Site Plan are already present in the program. This benefit helps the CAD user to perform entire tasks without having to download or purchase additional software.
    9. The specific State requirements are typically used as a guide for the CAD user. However, they can be overridden by the user to suit their work requirements.
    10. No matter what you are working on, be it a New Construction or Replacement Systems, Septic Assistant can be used for both the purposes.
    11. You can easily try different system configurations and system types in just a few minutes.
    12. With Septic Assistant, you can create fully customizable layouts. Although, to create a few of the customizable plans you need to have some knowledge of CAD.
    13. Below are the types of plans that the current Septic Assistant users are creating:
        1. All sorts of conceptual plans are required for site developments as well as for subdivisions.
        2. Septic System Designs for new as well as for existing sites
        3. Plans for site assessment.
        4. Plans for shoreland application.
        5. Plans for wetlands permitting.
        6. LIDAR data is a key component that can help to produce accurate plans.

Try SA to Create Septic System Designs & Drawings

Septic Assistant can simply be downloaded from this website on the downloads page. You can try it with BricsCAD as well as the entire Septic Assistant suite of tools on a 30-day trial period.

  • So, once you have downloaded, you can guide yourself through the installation procedure just by double-clicking on the install button.
  • After you are done installing, click on the “SA SETUP” icon present on your desktop to get started.
  • You are also required to download an additional file and fill in the Design Info Form from the download page itself. Fill the form and mail it to the official email address and they will revert back in a while.
  • To work seamlessly with Septic Assistant, you need to have BricsCAD of version 16.0 installed in your device.
  • You can download BricsCAD from the official website of Septic Assistant. It comes with a 30-day free trial. Contact us now to get the download link.
  • Most people out there are aware of AutoCAD, however, BricsCAD does the same thing but costs a lot lesser than what AutoCAD does. Also, AutoCAD requires an annual subscription, but BricsCAD or Septic Assistant do not require any such subscription.

Why Should You Choose SA for Residential Septic System Design?

There are numerous points that tell you that Septic Assistant is the only and the best option for you. Let’s check them out.

  • Currently Septic Assistant is the best available option for you when it is about completing Septic System Designs.
  • When you combine Septic Assistant and BricsCAD, the overall cost of achieving the final output is much less than all other incomplete options.
  • Even if you do not have any prior experience of CAD, you can easily work and create your own designs with Septic Assistant.
  • SA is completely menu driven. In most cases, you do not need to memorize commands.
  • You can easily run Septic Assistant as well as BricsCAD on your laptop or computer which makes it extremely portable.
  • Septic Assistant is a very flexible program. D-Boxes, Septic Tanks, Leachfields/Trenches and Effluent Pump sizes and inverts, everything is easily accessible with this program.
  • You can create as well as label Lot lines through the Deed Description Process, Bearings and Distances with Curve Length and Radius options.
  • You can easily calculate the Total Direct Head of a pumped systems either pressure dosed or gravity dosed systems.
  • You also get selectable customized pre-loaded lines-types to design which gives your design a more polished and complete look.
  • Try out several EDA's types as well as configurations in just a few minutes to achieve your desired results.
  • Septic Assistant has been released on a limited basis. However, in CO, IN, MA, MO, NH & RI 100's of plans have been completed utilizing Septic Assistant.
  • Using Civil AutoCAD seat can cost a Septic Designer around $3,000/year. However, the Septic Assistant and BricsCAD will give you a much better output for under $2,000 after the inclusion of an annual subscription.

Everything we just mentioned is nothing but the tip of the iceberg about the benefits that come along with Septic Assistant. It is so versatile that all its benefits cannot be summed into a single page. If you just spend a few hours, you will be able to generate countless hours of design for you to use later. So, what are you waiting for?