Once you have downloaded Septic Assistant, it will run on the temporary trial license installed as part of the program install, you also need the Designer.dat file. So be sure to fill out the “Designer Information” form here.  If you download the designer info form, it is a fill-able PDF that you can save, and send back to us.

Upon your purchase of BricsCad at the trial expiration, Septic Assistant will also need a permanent license.

License Options

Program NamePerpetualAnnual Update(s)Subscription
BricsCad LITE$ 600.00$ 125.00/ver.$ 320.00/yr
Septic Assistant$1,250.00$ 300.00/ver.$ 600.00/yr
Total Costs$ 1,850.00$ 425.00/ver.$ 920.00/yr
1. -Updating 2 versions will cost 2x annual update costs.
2. -Breakeven is at 5 years, when the Perpetual License becomes a better deal.
3. -BricsCad and SA can both be installed on two machines simultaneously.
4. -Updating BricsCad requires updating SA to same version. (requires new license)

Purchase Options

Perpetual LicenseAnnual UpDateSubscription


Use this option for initial purchase of perpetual license.Use this option to make annual update(s).Use this option to purchase an annual subscription.

If the “Buy Now” button(s) above do not work, send us an email with your BricsCad license number, we will send you a PayPal Invoice that you can pay with credit card, there are no extra fees incurred for doing this.  You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.