Test-Pit Logger


New Application
This is an online Test-Pit Logger that we have developed, once the form is completed you will receive an email with DOC & PDF attachments.  This form can be saved for future editing, for example you want to do the Perc-Test at a later time.   This data is able to be imported into the Septic Assistant Design software to automatically enter data into the program to eliminate manually entry.   Not only is the data able to be used for design purposes, it also automatically completes any test-pit logs you may need, with all of the required data.   As you enter data, and work your way through the form, make note of anything that doesn’t seem right, and let me know.   I attempted to cover all scenarios, but you never know. If you need to backup, use the arrow at the top, all data entered is retained.


Application Required Downloads

Download NOAA-Vertical Datum Transformation directly to your downloads folder.
This needs to be downloaded along with the Septic Assistant download below.
Download Septic Assistant Installer directly to your downloads folder.
This is a single v22.00 download for all locations.
Download Septic Assistant Installation Instructions.
Instructions for setting up system and Installing Software.