About Septic Assistant

Septic Assistant (SA) was born out of the need to automate drawing functions within ACAD back in 1988.  As functions improved (including CAD capabilities) the program was expanded as needs arose to keep up with available technologies and rules.  The program was developed and written by a permitted designer in his efforts to create a more complete/robust design package.

When the possibility and implementation of incorporating a Google Image as an underlay, with matching topography over the image it became evident that this was morphing into a design solution that would be very useful for other designers as well.  It now utilizes LIDAR data along with two other elevation source options (Google and USGS) to create this base plan.

Recently the ability to also overlay parcel boundaries, soils, flood plain and wetlands (where available) boundaries was also added, making this program a complete solution for creating site plans for many uses.

I have tried to keep up with the available technologies and have been added as permitted with few exceptions.  Technologies currently included are, Stone & Pipe, Chambers (concrete or plastic), LDGP, Eljen InDrains, GeoMat™ Leaching Systems, GST™ Leaching Systems, FUJI Pre-treatment, Clean Solutions Pre-Treatment, Drip Dispersal, Soil Air, Norweco Pre-Treatment as well as pump calculations for Pump to Gravity and Pressure Dosed systems.

Unfortunately ACAD gave up developing LISP functions years ago, so SA needs BricsCad to function.  Fortunately BricsCad although the only CAD option is considerably less to purchase.  One can buy a permanent license of both BriscCad and SA (with no annual subscription service of any sort) for less than the single year subscription price of ACAD.

Know about our company

SA is located in Weare NH, and operated by a NH licensed designer and installer.  Although our last install (except for family members) was completed 5 years ago.  Our focus is squarely on supporting and developing Septic Assistant and providing GST™ Leaching System products throughout NH.  We have been designing systems in NH since 1986, and have a thorough understanding of what makes systems tick.